Twitter’s Feature Experiment & What It Means for Makers

Won’t Twitter become some exclusive club then?

Twitter’s Feature Experiment & What It Means for Makers

What is it?

Twitter has started testing an experimental feature that now let selected Twitter users filter who’s allowed to reply to their tweets. The extra criteria are “people you follow” and “people you mentioned”.


Only people mentioned can reply

Only people followed can reply

This feature might allow some tweets and certainly some accounts to be even more selective than before in the Twitterverse.

What does it mean for makers?

Business as usual. If you want your feed to be great you must follow interesting and genuine people. If you want to build a great audience then you must tweet quality tweets that are interesting and beneficial.

Won’t Twitter become some exclusive club then?

Twitter is already an exclusive club in some circles. And there have been privacy inducing features already such as Protected Tweets, DMs optional, hidden replies, etc. People who are open and friendly on Twitter will stay open and friendly.

If you’re a maker and want to enjoy the benefits of building in the open like gaining audience, engaging some of the smartest people online, get feedback from seasoned veterans, broaden your thoughts. Twitter is another great place to be, it just requires a lot of consistent work to start working for you.

Moments like this is the magic of Twitter.

Since How I Would Crush It on Twitter I’ve gained 15 followers and reached 10,000 impressions. That’s just four days ago! But I tweeted 84 times, roughly 21 times a day. Each of which needs to be good enough. Some of which might not have been good at all. But I’m learning because to learn we must produce tweets.

Happy Tweeting!

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