Time to Learn

Each day this week brings in new and wonderful opportunities to learn something new. Sure, there's hard skills available like developing a Python app. Which has been an ongoing process that I'm learning tonnes in such as deploying to Heroku and using staging and production deployments. Which while more advance that what've done so far is obvious better fundamental of building something long-term.

A similar process will be taking place in the offline world. I a few hours I'll hop on the plane to Phuket where I jumped at the opportunity to learn from an international level Big Businessperson. Basically someone who's playing at projects in the size of $200mm. Play. Project. What! Indeed, so if the chance has come for me to learn from this project I just have to do it.

This will include hard-skills of course, like calculating break-even and potential returns from creative business structuring. But the most important will be the soft-skills require to turn a "hard business" as in big established real estate with this that specs to "soft business" where we translate that into experiences and marketing to the people.

It's a challenge. But first, I like Phuket. And also I get to be the participant in shaping something up. There's going to be some hustle sure, but also being sure of audiences. Serving them above and below, just right. Then there's bringing my coding setup there to continue learning how to start and run a MicroSaaS. Ah, totally not having a full plate and out of my depth.