Theme of Time

Here are the topics that were headlining the entries of the past week: Entrepreneur's Runway, Time blocks, New skills, Online communities, Shipping Micro-SaaS

Last week felt like ages ago. Can't believe time keeps chugging along so swiftly again. That goes in whichever direction whether we wish or not. Accumulating new practice. Personal growth. Or declines. Things keep moving on, that's just one of their properties.

There's been a theme of time and how to utilise them. What a tricky question for the most abundant and scare resources for our planet (time works differently in other planets right?). It's like asking how to best spend sunlight. Sure we can try to get the usual things, like getting Vitamin D, or enjoyment. Grow veggies. Use solar panels. Those hardly capture the vastness of sunlight.

So for time, it's like we're flowing in this irreversible stream but that we don't have agency on where it goes. But doesn't mean we can't try, again and again to honour the gifts that we have received. When we feel that we're not spending the time wisely, more than mope about its again another invitation by time to simply try again.

Because we it clicks and we flow along at the same rate, we find the magic of the neutral state. Like astronauts suspended in space, freedivers in neutral depth. Not that motions aren't around, but you're not pushed in any direction. Just one with time in the flow state.