Theme of Builders

Here are the topics that were headlining the entries of the past week: audience research, automation, connection, physical products, business model, teach/learn, consulting/coaching.

What a precious range of subjects, all with the same theme that's relevant to builders. After all that's whom I want to share this blog with. A builder is someone who build something. It might be a site, an API, a service, a digital product, a private community, or a personal brand. We're all builders and I'm here for you.

Isn't the internet entrepreneurship circle quite circular as well? When I see a business in this space, it's not the faceless relationship between a producer and consumer. It is more intimate relationship of someone who crafted something of value for people they care about. And they care because they're on point, because they serve first.

Where we all serve each other, this is the market of abundance. We still need natural resources, the most precious in this global community is time. Yes, and human connection. With those two in mind that sets our creative constraint. That's why in the builder world there are limits, and enough makes the world a happier place.

The possibilities that are buzzing is so exciting to me. It is wonderful to live in such a time and take part in this. An economic movement of the small giants.