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Builder’s Report #8 - 4th Week June 2020

The Solo Agency


It's the second full month of Builder's Report! I felt starting this newsletter was several lifetimes ago. This week started with more CS50. Around Thursday I got to Week 5 on the course. Now blank Problem Set 5 stares me in the face. The last assignment in C and the biggest project so far. For the latter half of the week I put that on hold since I actually have paying clients for the first time. I must prioritise delivery of paid work to learning programming. And it actually felt pretty nice. Officially I'm a freelancer now. Though I prefer to think of myself as a solo agency. What's more is I have another client too. This one might actually go all the way to finishing production. 2 bookings in the first couple of days!

  • The Marketing Programmer - Someone started a pretty detailed blog on doing CS50. I hope he finishes!
  • SuperOkay - Document builder for freelancers and agencies. But I have to be making more liveable income off freelancing first before using something like this fancy stuff. So delicious looking!
  • Writing: The Most Important Thing I’ve Done for My Career - John's post on writing words as the most important skill in his career. And his career has been an interesting on. You should check it out.
  • VIM Adventures - Learn VIM through an adventure game. I'm learning VIM and will try to complete CS50 with it. This is so that I can code well on my iPad too and I love my iPad. Leo Nagano should try it out :P


  • From $0 to Paid - The first week that I got paid online in this short stint into internet entrepreneurship. It's not from product. Not software. Heck, I don't even have a domain name for this work and still using the personal Gmail one.
  • Yes. Just Building for this week. I've not only written code. But also 10+ pages of client work.

Next week?

More work would be interesting. I might have to look in more places to find somewhere with such high conversion rate. I hope to finish Problem Set 5 and move onto Python which I might find more uses for.

May your week be well, Wit

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