Teach To Learn

Actually the marketing research/strategy agency I'm starting wasn't something I'm aiming with my impossibly extensive and strong marketing skills. It's because I want to get much better at marketing research/strategy and I'm making offers based on those skills.

“We teach best what we most need to learn.” ~ Richard Bach

That sort of thought. One thing I've identified is that with client requests I'm using the very same skills against an unbiased backdrop. I'm going into each search with eyes and heart open. After all its the same "looking at what people do online", find patterns and unmentioned pains/wants from reading on and between the lines.

Plus one other thing is that I have to do it all from scratch each time, starting the knowledge folder at zero. There's no comfortable tracks to stay in. The same phenomena is at work in no-code and automation. Client projects are from the client domain and I have to learn to see from their point of view, yes. But more importantly, to learn to see where they can't see.

Every time I accept a job, the "Yes, I can do it!" Is uncomfortable. If it is not then I know its too easy for me to grow. Without working at the edge I'm not becoming better at what I do. Learn to teach. Teach to learn. Begin another cycle.