Skill in a Day

Yesterday I had an objective to tackle which I found require me learning Google Apps Script. Though it’s mostly JavaScript, I haven’t touched JavaScript since so many months back in basic Web Development tutorials. Basically I was close to zero in that skill.

There are neighbouring skills that can help with foundation so I didn’t start from scratch like Python and C; which I’ve spent some time with.

Here’s what I’d do differently for better results: Start at the very foundation.

While had a quick read through a couple of intro articles and documentation I saw there’s a few videos on YouTube I balked at for being 30 min long. Most of the day my fumbling about didn’t produce much results as I didn’t understand the basics. Spending an hour on good intro videos would’ve saved me several hours in actual practice.

By the end of the day something clicked, yes watching some videos in the late afternoon gave me the understanding to continue on my own. Soon afterwards I breeze through the functions that I need to build.

This probably apply to all new skills. Taking time at the foundation saves much more time later. Go slow to go fast.