Sea of Changes

Sea of Changes

Builder’s Report #3 - 3nd Week May 2020


Wow, can’t believe we’re actually on the latter half of the month now. Every week sure felt like a different chapter in life. I’ve more shipped tweets, replies, tweetstorms, and blog posts, IH posts. And a sort of traction is forming, let’s see where this leads. I’m experimenting with a different format for this newsletter too. Just felt functioning as just summary of blog posts are a little bit bland for you readers.


Most Common Twitter Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Going through 40 Twitter profiles yesterday got me a good look at the many mistakes people are doing and some of them are repeated again and again.

  • Avoid hastags: Twitter may have started them but it’s no longer a mainstream part of Twitter culture. Using them make you look super spammy and it doesn’t help with search discovery at all for normal topics.
  • Retweet with Comments: Commenting lets you put out your thoughts on what you find notable in this tweet. It shares your personality and perspectives. A lot of people miss out on this opportunity by using the default retweet.
  • Stay active: Unfortunately, being seen on Twitter is at the mercy of algorithym AND people’s attention. I’m missing many tweets everyday even with low followings and checking a lot. Chances are my followers won’t see my tweets often if at all. So to fight against that you need volume, which the algo favours. Don’t neglect quality too! This improves your chance of being seen at all.


Next Week?

Write every day in many shapes and forms. I’m getting into the groove of writing, that’s nice. There’s starting be a stock of blog drafts which is great. The community engagements require a lot of energy to keep up, I shall study in which areas specifically. Exploring where helping people with Twitter leads. Look forward to learning with you all!

May your week be well