Sales Safari

Audience research is the name of this game. After all, those who understands a group better can craft better offers. It is the mechanics of finding a lock. Just one lock out of the billions on the internet. Then crafting a key that fits best to that. Without the need to worry about the other billion locks that don't matter to YOUR lock.

But then its not the first few times that I've interviewed and discussed with people from the internet via video chat. Some people talk the way they write online. Some. But then some of those would be censored some of the time. You might need what they have censored. After all, we can be quite sure that people interviewing with internet stranger face to face will be very on guard. Not even consciously. When's the last time you actually made honest negative feedback to someone-responsible's face?

This is why learning from materials that an audience produced in their natural environment without putting up an act or censors is better for research. Go through COMMENTS on Amazon reviews. Look through threads on forums. Try the search terms that the audience might use. Are they more likely to type "automate Google Sheets" or "How to automate with Integromat"? Get the responses from their natural words in their natural environment.