Quotidien Pieces

As of today there are a few things that I write every day. They're a part of my daily routines. Each seems to serve its own part of my creativity. After sticking to them I have observed some improved betterness of my days.

Morning Pages

These are 3 pages of journaling done by hand, free writing style. While its more traditional to write these with pen and paper, my tools of choice is Pencil and iPad Pro. Having those with me all the time ensure that on days that I might want to skip I cannot cause I have those tools with me.

Daily Blog

Now this is a reborn practice. Last year for some months I wrote everyday on a public but little known place. Getting a piece of something that other people can see out is different from writing privately. At least it gets us used to this internet way of working in public. Another rule of this piece is at least 200 words, which has gotten me to pump out words on demand. Just pick something, anything at all to write about.

Practice Journal

As part of spiritual practice, I keep a journal for that too. Each entry is 1 page by hand, done in a way that's not too deliberate in the evening. Mostly accounts of how the day went and if I've been working on my edges.