Prioritise Sharply

This morning I opened an email that changed this week's course. While not totally unexpected, turned out there's actual demand for my little promoted Micro-SaaS preorder. A few things will be put on hold, and a few things I must dive in.

First to look at time, it's what I need to make anything happen. The time commitment at day job is not very flexible right now so that stays. The big offline opportunity that came in early in the week to learn and some opportunities to learn will be on Friday-Sunday. That also leaves a few chunks of hours here and there.

What will get the significant cut is uncommitted freelance work. After all that is trading time for cash, and a product like Micro-SaaS is a better time investment. While for sure I take freelance work to learn more than to earn, still its even better to learn how to build products from the ground up.

A lot of you have read Nathan Barry's Ladders of Wealth Creation and this is from similar mindset. Product work is skipping ahead trading time for cash, several steps actually. I'll have to catch up the soft skills that's a big gap right now. This opportunity is more aligned with my aim of freeing up time and money the most, so it gets priority.

With the MVP out then of course there's going to be a lot of time to learn marketing and sales on the real market too. Oh yeah, and by then I'd be a SaaS founder. Feels a bit weird. But thanks to 2020 and No-Code, that got me here. I'll give it my best shot at this.