Planet of Possibilities

Planet of Possibilities

Builder’s Report #2 - 2nd Week May 2020


This week I made some steps into creating more and getting a taste of audience building. There’s only an audience if there’s something for them to witness, hence an exercise in shipping. So I’ve shipped tweets, replies, tweetstorms, and blog posts. More candid are the wonderful engagements that I enjoyed along the way.


  • Starting with a Product - My main takeaway is to have customers from day 0. Call it pre-launch audience building, content marketing, whatever. It’s about having the relationships as early as possible and nurture them.

    The second takeaway is that solutions =/= demand. People who are not obsessed with superjuice will not get up one morning and start craving it. If they don’t want it, they don’t want it. Perhaps it would have been more clear earlier if I had spent 3 weeks market research and validating my assumptions directly with potential customers.

    As promised here’s the secret bitter melon formula: Bitter melon (12.5%) + Green sweet pepper (12.5%) + Celery (25%) + Cucumber (25%) + Green Apple (25%)
  • How to Drink - A lot of people tried breath meditation but couldn't get the hang of it just yet. In this piece we’ll turn the simple act of drinking into an art form. We can apply meditation techniques here several times a day.

    Hold your cup with both hands. Feel the temperature. Is this hot or cold? No need to describe in words, just pay attention and register it. Bring the cup to your face. Breath in the scent. Enjoy the aroma, notice your reactions. Feel the warmth on your skin.

    Thoughts show up, notice them. Return the attention to your drink. Take one sip. Feel the texture of the drink in your mouth. Pay attention to the taste. Swallow when you're ready.
  • The Mom Test in Brief - Talk about them instead of your solution/assumption
    - Talk about them instead of your solution/assumption

    How are you dealing with X?
    Why do you bother with Y?

    - Ask past specifics and avoid broad/opinions on future.

    When was the last time that X happened?
    How do you currently deal with Y?

    - Great conversationists listens, deeply.

    Repeat your understanding of their problems.
    Is there anything else?
  • How to Crush It on Twitter - David Perell’s just launched Twitter course was packed with insights from his long Twitter career. I’m also starting to see and experience how Twitter can become someone’s valuable digital asset. I’ll be reporting in on my Twitter progress periodically.

Next Week?

Write or add to a tweetstorm every day. They seem to be fertile ground for refining ideas later on. Which may lead to at least 3 blog posts next week. More products ideas on hand, mostly Twitter related. Could this be related to spending more time on Twitter? Demand for products to be validated, ideas generated and refined.

May your week be well