Physical Products

This week I've received prospect to do marketing research for a certain food/supplement product. While it didn't sound spectacular on paper. Having something to focus on my marketing research skills, I've been so thankful with. Using the same skills that I've been honing for digital products I dove in.

And the differences have been interesting. A lot of the creator economy is surviving and prospering in the scale of 100-1000 true fans. Yet to see this niche seeming product yielding thousand upon thousands of Amazon reviews in similar products of the category is telling. Heck, I'm not even looking at something even more generic like Vitamin C and the scale is already baffling to me.

Another thing is that it is difficult to find small groups of people who are passionate about this. Even the smallest demographics/JTBD groups easily found are numbered in tens of thousands. So this is urging me on to find ever small groups of people of course.

There are work that I can do gathering up data on existing market. Some results of actual buyers and consumers of this product is very interesting. Oh pregnant women consume this, but also fine horses. Yep. Can't really be making this up. I'll be turning this stuff into 10 page report and see where that takes me.