Builder’s Report #6 - 2nd Week June 2020


So after the move to Ghost. I had undergone other transformations. Notably in the physical world. I spent early in the week tidying up and arranging my workspaces. An overdue spring cleaning so to speak. Got rid of many things that I'm not evening missing. Moving from an iMac 27 to a clean installed MacBook Pro 15. Continued the How To Write a Thesis book. Resumed learning Japanese Kanji. Re-enrolled in CS50.

So it doesn't look like I have much to show on the entrepreneurial side this week as evidence. I have noticed a shift to more settled and grounded working days though. And while I haven't been shipping much, I feel that moving to a smaller screen drastically reduced multitasking. This made me feel clearer, more effective, and more relaxed in general. Readers might also want to give it a try.


  • Fantastic Indie Newsletters and Where to Find Them - This piece came from my searches for specific newsletters. I also added sites by Indie Hackers to the Sites section. With over 1000+ unique newsletters found in these links I hope you find something new and interesting.
  • The First Thing To Sell As-A-Service - I found out about the Discovery process and believe that it is perfect fit for many makers. They get to learn about customers and get paid. The customers even not continuing gets value. The comments seem to indicate that the piece wasn't the clearest and appreciate the examples.

Next week?

I'm in the process of closing deal for promotion of two more products on newsletters. This is from a business idea that I'm not naming yet nor creating a landing page. So this might be showing that just cold contacting leads get the results right away without those frills. Not that I've really validated the model. I'm going slow on this, and it's not showing returns. I also don't think it'll show better returns by concentrating harder.

Learning programming and CS will not be taking me entirely away from no-code any time soon. I hope to cultivate a more programmatic way of looking at things which might help business side and the design of no-code products. Used smartly of course.

May your week be well,