My First Month on Twitter

Turns out I'm also good at & enjoy doing Twitter Profile Reviews

My First Month on Twitter

Having started my journey as an indie maker. Like many, I took off learning how to build things. That was fun for some weeks but that’s single player mode. Turns out that building out ideas doesn’t build an audience on it’s own. On the other hand, having an audience to build for is a positive feedback loop. Bram Kamstein (@bramk) gave me the final push on April 28th to begin my Twitter journey. Got started with 47 followers.


I took the following courses in May:

Before them my approaches didn’t follow a particular guideline and the results were not dependable. I’m still refining the processes and keep on experimenting. Most importantly, I found core strategies that work for a tiny account like me. What more, I found others are doing similar ways to great result as well.


As an account with tiny follower list, my best chance of getting discovered is through replies. I spend a lot of my Twitter time replying to influencers that fit my profile. I reckon most of my followers are from this way. The second tactic is to get followers from outside Twitter. My posts from Indie Hackers brought me many followers. Another benefit is that they are specifically indie makers so fits my profile.

Still important to tweet and commented retweets everyday as to build up skills in writing tweets. This is important as tweets are very specific forms of writing. Potential followers will scroll down assuming you pass the profile test and what you tweet needs to interest them even if those aren’t seen.

Growth & Engagements

There’s still time in May and I might still hit 100 new followers in May. My account is still very obscure. Just getting good at engagements on Twitter means it’s never been a huge obstacle to engaging with sizeable accounts (10k+). It’s still not very easy to see feedback from what I’m putting in and who am I attracting. With more numbers that may get clearer so that I can serve them better.

Twitter Profile Reviews

Turns out I'm also good at and enjoy doing Twitter Profile Reviews. I've already done 54 of them and each hone my skills. Even people with followers in the 1000s have asked for them. I’m available for Twitter Profile Review to help makers grow their audience effectively rather than stumbling around.

What’s next?

I’m looking for interesting accounts that are sized in the 100s and 1000s. It would be nice to grow with them. And I figure that my chances of getting engagements would be better. I also have a huge backlog of drafted Twitter content that I’m sure would be very helpful for fellow makers.

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