More Connections

Just open up for more connections. We are in the age where getting connected to another human being has never been easier. Yet we're letting this opportunity slip by like its not insanely valuable. Think buying BTC in 2010 kind of valuable. It doesn't look much, but if you don't reach out and grab it that opportunity's gone. Yes, I also ignored BTC in 2010.

This is why emailing people personally, Twitter DMs, forum messages are some of your most valuable assets. Humans live in the world of connections. We can't live our lives alone. Eventually there's going to be something coming up in your life that with another person is better. Maybe that's about getting your next big idea off the ground, or it's a challenging period and just having someone listening means the entire world.

We read books to gain new perspectives. We also gain new perspectives from connecting with other people. Nobody has what makes you you, this exact combination of experiences and abilities. On the flip side, you also don't have theirs. So for each of you to see something together, suddenly the field of view is widen.

The same is true for them, even if they don't see it yet. Connecting with people is doing them a service. You're helping, even better if it doesn't feel like helping. Connect with people today. Go where that leads.