Micro-SaaS Preorder

Micro-SaaS Preorder

I've just shipped a Micro-SaaS idea on Gumroad. Yep, that's what's actually on offer. Hard to believe I've been procrastinating on that really. After all, I don't need to get to work on it if nobody's interested.

I've identified some signs that serious Coda Users are interested in a Super.so for Coda, especially the pretty links part. While I'm not 100% how to make that work yet, but if it works for similar products then there's a way surely.

Not a Coda Power User myself but having got myself on it I'm seeing the possibilities already. With their own URL, people can offer amazing things to the world. Like their tables, basically Micro-SaaS in themselves. Florists could sell subscriptions to other Florists for Florists Proposal Calculator on Gumroad! Or with help from me integrating Payment Gateway...

Anyways that's a long way away yet. The domain name that I wanted aren't available, that's why I don't even have a product name yet. But that's fine, really. So this time I've learned to sell the idea before buying a domain name. That's amazing progress in itself. Coda is musical-themed name, I was thinking Adagio and the like.

The other part of this is that I want to stretch myself and launch something. Plus have a focus to learn how to build something an audience wants. I've been interested in Micro-SaaS as products in itself. Surely this is not so different from selling info products right? But instead of PDFs, Airtables, or video courses its a service on the web built with Code or No-Code. Even with a handful of buyer it would break-even as the costs aren't terrible.

I'll be sharing what I learn on this blog so stay tuned. Do get in touch if you need Custom URLs for Coda or need other micro services built!