Marketing Strategy

I’ve been curious to invest time in learning more about a specific angle in leading successful projects. In the way of Seth Godin, marketers make change happen. Whether that’s for something to be bought, or not bought, social justice, political views, personal development. Even on yourself we need marketing. And going the roundabout way might actually be the shortest and straightest path after all.

Change is natural, yet so is fear of change. Friction is pain. That’s why we need marketing to make change happen. That’s because we need to understand the case very well. Do we know their wants and needs? Their fears and their love? The motivations that are sometimes hidden in plain sight, even for them?

And strategy is the other side of the coin. It’s the grand strategy. The big picture theory on your what and why. Abstractly, how you’re going about to make change happen. This looks like “get a lot of people to use this”, “educate people on that”, or even “give them a mirror to show how terrible they’ve been doing”. SEOs, Content, Influencers, Services are all the pieces you try on a more day to day basis to work your theorem.

“Build what people want” is a strategy I’ve been employing in my personal projects, from freelancing clients to anything else really. Out of the other strategies I’ve generated the most results from this. Getting to know it better, I’ll be working with it ever more closely as I grow.