Infinite Newsfeed

Infinite Newsfeed

I just got back from a multi-day meditation retreat and it’s always noticeable even just on the second day how the mind space is so quiet after just one day of information detox. Boom, begone internet. Turning off airplane mode plugged me back to modern reality.

This gets me to reflect (one of my many takes) on my internet habits. We all binge on information by default and the way internet services have been designed hinges on this natural proclivities of people. We have a massive group of people whom first thing in the morning and last thing at night is scrolling through infinite newsfeed. It’s by then just finger motions.

Still, we live off the internet and my next venture online will be well... online. So the question becomes how to spend time responsibly. After all, how we spend our days tend to become how we spend our weeks. It’ll be our habit before we know it. I read of entrepreneurs and executives who had successfully put “checking emails” on a calendar schedule or just plain set hard quota in the number of hours per week on it. This also applies to regular browsing and getting on social media.

It was revealing how so many impulse buys I did was just ideas inserted by the powerful media I got through my head. “Mmm, wouldn’t it be NICE to HAVE THAT” then the magic of e-commerce and fast courier services do their job. It WAY easier than going to the shopping and that’s one of their dangers.

So far I’ve experimented long-term in going cold turkey. Over a year of no Instagram since I realised I spent 3-4 hours on it daily. Then there’s Twitter which I not to long ago stopped getting on, the results it produced then was more Twittering. Facebook, unfortunately kinda ties into my latest hobby and maybe next online venture but I’ll consider what to do about it more carefully. Cause I’ve not been hindered personally when I went without FB completely.