Fantastic Indie Newsletters and Where to Find Them

some of the channels that we can use to find the right newsletters

Fantastic Indie Newsletters and Where to Find Them

Indie newsletters have exploded in numbers. This underlies a distribution channel that’s free from big tech manipulation. It also brings together a community of engaged audience even for the tiniest newsletters (even 1 subscriber counts!). Indie newsletters are niche by default. This means that their readers are engaged in the voices. Eager to receive each new issue.

Now that they are widely distributed (and ones that found traction are not many). The question becomes how do we find them for our purpose? Maybe we would like to subscribe to a new niche. Or learning a new topic. Do we have products and services that are looking for the just right audience to promote too. More narrow and sure than other forms of digital advertising which either miss the mark by miles or so accurate its creepy.

In this post I would take you to explore some of the channels that we can use to find the right newsletters. Of course this is not all, but still a good start. I’ll be adding to this list with more suggestions. I hope this helps with your next newsletter search.


  • Find Your Newsletters - An aggregate site for newsletters. Many of the small indie newsletters are listed here. The site doesn’t seem to be curated. It also relies on user submissions to add to the database. Several newsletters are inactive. It doesn’t give latest stats, not very useful for advertisers.
  • InboxReads - This one is similar to Find Your Newsletters. They seem to have been around for longer. With over 800 newsletters. Their selection includes more of the established newsletters. Though some indie gems are found here. The downsides are similar. Some newsletters are inactive. Relies on user submission.
  • Rad Letters - An aggregate site with selections from Indie Hackers and Hacker News. Now with over 200+ newsletters in the database.
  • Thanks for Subscribing - This curated collection also comes with frequency of newsletters. We can also click through to see samples of newsletters. The curator made sure to include hidden gems and remove inactive newsletters. There’s also a good selection in Dutch for our Dutch friends.
  • Google it - Depending on the topic and your luck you might actually discover something interesting from just Googling it. That said, unless the indie newsletter absolutely dominates niche SEO you’ll probably find the established newsletters with those search terms instead.
  • Substack Discover - Substack is a very popular newsletter platform. Interesting writers have set up the home of their newsletters here. More are joining everyday. That said the barebone search leaves much to be desired. Not all newsletters opt to be in Discover. Some topics are more barren than others.
  • Revue Discover - Another popular choice to host newsletters. This one is more geared towards link curation so this might be the better place to look if that’s your thing. Search is not the most intuitive. Browse around to see if anything catches your eyes.

Indie Hackers

  • What's Your Newsletter? - There have been many good posts that collects the recent newsletters by Indie Hackers. Guaranteed to be small and direct. These threads are great to source indie newsletters. However most have not found traction and a subscriber list above 100. Many prolific Indie Hackers have not put their newsletters in the comments.
  • Why Your Newsletter in 10 Words - Here’s another one. Bonus for able to skim quickly to get what the newsletter is about.
  • Looking for Sponsors? - This is the one I did recently. Asking so that advertisers and those looking for sponsors can find the info they need. The post has not been popular but at least there seems to have been one match there.
  • Newsletter Search on IH - Here’s the secret search mode. Many Indie Hackers have listed their newsletters as a product in the site. We can browse through these. It also yield interesting projects to do with newsletters. Not all newsletter writers made a product page for their newsletters though.


This place might comes to mind at first when having a task of searching for newsletters. Turns out that there’s a few lists on there. This is especially targeted towards tech niches, which is nice. Bonus is that the non-newsletter resources we’ll find on GitHub are also very interesting.

Private Groups

There are several private communities of newsletter writers. Notably on Facebook and Telegram. You’d need to have your newsletter and be let invited to join the group. These also don’t tend to come with up to date searchable database of newsletters. But some have tried and have gotten a sizeable list.


Here’s one more special resource to look for newsletters. For those looking for indie newsletters to advertise or sponsor your product in. I offer to find you the perfect candidates for a fee of 20% from the budget. You’ll get warm leads to newsletter owners with engaged audience that match your products. Conversion rates are better on email. You’ll get access to potential customers who look forward to what you offer.

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