Stop Losing Potential Followers with These Fixes

How to setup your Twitter profile

Stop Losing Potential Followers with These Fixes

Twitter can be very intimidating to get started. The onboarding process didn’t take you from blank profile to superstar. This guide will walk you through setting up your Twitter profile. The final decision for gaining or losing potential followers happens there. Fixing your Twitter profile will improve your presence and follower count.

Real name vs Pseudonyms
For personal reasons or just for fun, some people may prefer to Tweet under pseudonyms. It totally depends on your preference. There are plenty of successful examples for both. The quality of tweets and profile integrity matters much more than the choice of using real names. That said, if you cannot think of a solid reason not to tweet under your real name just use it. People like connecting with people. Even if you are tweeting under a character you are still advised use a personable avatar. Your profile and cover photo should represent you. Feel free to mix it up when you feel like it.


This is your message to the world. The key is that your visitor should learn the essentials about you. Your “thing”. What you tweet about? Why should someone follow you? What provides your credibility? What links are important to you? Tag your projects and link up your blogs and newsletters here. There’s no fixed format so feel free to style it up. Do check that the bio is readable in both desktop and mobile.

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What’s your “thing”?: “ME GIANT ROBOT STARTUP DINOSAUR!” 

Pinned Tweet
The final piece that personalises our profile is the pinned tweet. The decorative art piece in the hall that shows your personality. Some pick their most popular tweets. You can also choose the topic most important to you this season. Or your most recent tweetstorm. Change this occasionally as you see fit.

The pinned tweet is not the end of it. Recall the most recent times that you scoped out a Twitter profile. What you did right after checking out the pinned tweet was likely to scroll the account’s feed for a bit. This means your tweets should be consistently high quality. Otherwise it’s still the “return button” for you!

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