How to Drink

In this piece we’ll turn the simple act of drinking into an art form.

How to Drink

A lot of people tried breath meditation but couldn't get the hang of it just yet. For beginners to meditation, working with a focus is vital. Any sense and activity can work as the focus. In this piece we’ll turn the simple act of drinking into an art form. Everybody enjoy hot/cold beverages every day. A glass of water also works! We can apply meditation techniques here several times a day.

  1. Hold your cup/glass with both hands. Feel the temperature. Is this hot or cold? No need to describe in words, just pay attention and register it. Don't try this with boiling hot cups please.
  2. Bring the cup/glass to your face. Breath in the scent. Enjoy the aroma, notice your reactions. Feel the warmth on your skin.
  3. When thoughts do show up, notice them too. You can tell them "I am thinking", drop that gently. Return the attention to your drink.
  4. Take one small sip. Put down your cup, you can still keep both hands on them. We have become so used to gulping down our drinks while doing things, reading, typing, that we forget to fully enjoy every sip. Feel the texture of the drink in your mouth. Pay attention to the taste. Swallow when you're ready.

Repeat until finished! Try again with your next drink. I hope you can enjoy these short breaks in your day with your favourite drink. Recharge and get back to work in getting awesome things out into the world. I wrote a simple guide for breath meditation here: How To Breathe

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