How to Breathe

An intro to meditation.

How to Breathe

An intro to Meditation

There have been several guides to meditation. My mission is to create a better one, tailored for builders. Many are looking for a tool to tame their unruly mind. Some are looking for inner peace, or to go even deeper. Perhaps there’s motive in productivity, or to be superhuman. Whichever reason you find yourself starting a meditation routine, there’s only a transformative journey if you follow through.

  1. Get into a comfortable position, this can be the edge of a solid chair (no leaning your backs!) or any stable position you can manage on a meditation cushion. The key to this position is where your back is "free" in that you don't need any exertion to keep yourself upright, and you can extend your belly fully for your inbreathe.
  2. Exhale fully, deflating your belly, get rid of every last bit of air. Like a bellow, you can take in a lot of air in the next inbreathe. Try this a few times. It might feels strange at first. Most people haven't learned to belly breath properly, I hear singers and wind-instrument players are great at this already.
  3. Follow the sensation of your inbreathe, the wind filling your lungs, expansion, the torso keeping itself upright, many many things to keep track of. If the scope is too large to keep track of you can focus down in just the wind in your lungs. This is similar to driving, keeping track of many things can daunting for beginners, but you can get used to it eventually.
  4. Do the same process for the exhalation. Just the art of paying attention. Exhale fully so that the vacuum in your lungs help suck air in instead of having to exert yourself. A sweet spot breathing is where you don’t create a sound, very soft and gentle.
  5. Yes, your brain hasn't shut down and thoughts are invading your mental space. Maybe it's telling you the position is uncomfortable, or there's cool new ideas coming up. Don't push them away, just return the attention to breathing.
  6. Know your capacity. Nobody starts Couch to 5K with the 5K part. The same with meditation, the Dalai Lama started little by little too! So for a beginner meditator, just set the timer for 15 or 30 seconds. Set the number that you can achieve. Then try to extend that by 10 to 15 seconds at your next session, which can be an hour later or the next day. You'll get to 10 or 20 minutes in no time at all!

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