How May I Serve Myself

How May I Serve Myself

Today I’ve started some exercises in honing minimum viable audience. Sure there’ve been several iterations of this over this year, but I’ve yet to hit the mark. As evidenced in zero business activity currently. This time with that core topic flipped around a few times, I realise that there might actually be one more way to go.

I embarked on this whole internet entrepreneurship adventure armed with stuffed notions and preconceived ideas of how things should go. That was limiting. Even more limiting was the opportunities that I didn’t take. Actions are learning experiences. Although I haven’t left where I started business-wise, I still felt the lessons had grown on me. Having insights that I do now forged by experience would be invaluable to the me early this year.

Peers of internet entrepreneurship all have to offer someone. Just need that off the ground. After all, the one technique to learn better is to teach and coach. We can always see the situations more objectively when we help others. So it totally wouldn’t be crazy to have a business helping other newbie internet entrepreneurs at all.

What if I set out to serve the job that I sorely needed right now, figuring out which audience to serve. With my skills, experiences, and unique makeup how can I serve me. To expand on that, how do I serve someone like me. An aspiring internet entrepreneur based in Southeast Asia? Well not demographics, but someone who aspire to serve others online but without a solid passion in terms of what to serve and who to serve.

That’s totally crazy so worth investigating.