How I Would Crush It on Twitter

Share notes from interesting readings & be genuine in my engagements

How I Would Crush It on Twitter

The past weekend I went through David Perell’s just-released video course; How To Crush It on Twitter. David’s a prominent advocate for Twitter, considering his Twitter account to be one of the most valuable asset he owns, next to his email list. At 3 hours the course is longer and more extensive than the free YouTube workshop.

Having spent almost a month on Twitter after years of hiatus and low activity, I’m starting to see and experience myself the power of connecting to interesting people across Twitter. And while it is early days for me, I would be applying David’s guidance to create quality Twitter experience and document the process periodically.


Be interesting & genuine

This mantra is repeated across several successful Twitter users. The reason we are putting an effort in building up our Twitter experience is to connect with interesting and genuine people on the network. That is a two-way street, people attract and seek those in the same wavelengths.

Even for those starting out, one fact is that we are more interesting and genuine than we give ourselves credit. Our life experiences and interests has shaped our unique voice. There are people out there who share the same direction of values. For this we need to keep playing the music to our tune.

Curate followings, digest quality tweets

We are what we consume. On Twitter this means your followings. By following someone we give them the opportunities to take in their thoughts, views, personalities in 280 character chunks. If we follow people spewing non-sense, mind pollution, stress, rage then we would be taking that in. Do you think our output would come out great?

The quality of our tweet is directly informed by the quality of people we follow. Choose them well, and come back to check the list from time to time. Just as we hold our followings to high standard, we would now pay the same respect for our followers.

Tweet what I want to see

Related to the previous point, Tweet what we want to see in our feed. Now this is very personal, and that’s excellent. Someone who likes tweeting nice garden photos would eventually attract nice garden lovers. As for me, I tweet out materials that I read and watched. Make observations. Provide summary of said content. It is practically public note taking. I enjoy those from others, someone would find mine worth the time.

Build relationships

I share David’s belief that follower count is not a good measure of Twitter success at all. This is evidenced in accounts that have over million followers and not much engagements at all. For me success on Twitter looks like connecting with interesting people from various background, whom I cannot randomly bump into in real life. A curious mix of intent and serendipity.

In one short month I’ve interacted with internet entrepreneurs, researchers, venture capitalists, Buddhist scholar, activists, strange mysterious spiritual person. My low follower count is not that much of a handicap for that even at this stage, and that would only get better over time. Just find interesting people and hit reply!

Be net positive giver

Our time on Twitter is not only to take from the collective of smartest driven minds on the internet. The environment is only sustained when we put something back in as well. And the magic is that this virtuous circle provide us more rewarding experiences without asking anything.

Our tweets can help someone out. We don’t even need to be an expert on one thing, at this moment there’s many people who are at zero in that subject. Out there are honest questions made by real people, and we will be presented the choice to do something about it. Creating a better Twitter for ourselves starts here.

The Road From Here

early days

Rome wasn’t built in a single day, same with a Twitter account. I will stumble and commit many mistakes. These well outlined principles will be broken from time to time. And I will learn, slow and fast on some points. All included in the package. The journey is the destination itself. The more we dig, we find how many things in life that applies. Building my Twitter experience, one tweet at a time.

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