Holding On

Holding On

Builder’s Report #4 - 4nd Week May 2020


It surprised me a little that I've arrived to a full month with an email newsletter (and a blog). The first one was cobbled together around 7 PM Sunday because it felt appropriate to have one. Writing this is so different from a blog post. I had grand plan to move to Buttondown thanks to Andrew Kamphey’s urging. But I didn’t have the time block to figure out a new more complex platform. So Substack still wins from ease of use, darn it.

These are notable things I’ve found on the internet.

What do you think of a links section? Let me know with a reply to this email.


This week I’ve published more blog posts than ever before. Will this continue to be sustained? Or will I get to longer posts but less frequent? Become superman and do both? Though I’m back to reading longer form essays and manifestos I still haven’t graduated to writing those. Well, only real learning by doing after all.

Next Week?

I have a feeling next week’s blogs would be quite interesting. I’m starting to learn and apply in more fields than before, lets see how that works. Hopefully I get to fully experiment on the move to Buttondown as well.

I’d love to hear what you think about this newsletter and suggestions on what would you like to see. Hit the reply button and input your thoughts!

May your week be well,