Green Heat

Writing this much later, due to today’s misalignment of timing. From almost midday in Phuket is pretty hot. With air-con this is workable, but I haven’t tried living here yet. What would it be like to come here to work for an extended amount, in the lush tropical green mountain just minutes from the Andaman Sea?

Plus with opportunities to better my health with high quality food and physical trainings. Would probably improve the body mind aspect of an entrepreneur a lot. Plus I don’t lose out on internet entrepreneurship I think. I’ve moved to basically work on my iPad Pro during my travels, from Code to No-Code, plus browsing and emails which it does. For a long stay I would feel more confident if I have my MacBook Pro with me.

What constitutes a long stay though? For me to work in sales & marketing for this project it might be more fruitful for me to live in Bangkok. If that’s where the target prospects are. But a few weeks in Phuket every few months might be just right, no? No? Am I convincing or getting at something here? I’m not sure, I’ve enjoyed staying home a lot in the COVID-era but an extended time in a different environment might bring with it opening of creativity and perspective.