Going Slow to Go Fast

This is the takeaway from 2020. The end of the preface chapter has arrived and more is to come. Covid situation continues to show us how certainty is not a thing to depend on. What to do? Well, we can learn to thrive in uncertainty. In a way that establishes stability upon nothing.

This year I had dove into many subject areas, from no-code to actually diving. I made zero money, as in didn’t actually provide value people would pay for in many of those cases. The notable online thing that made money was my little solo no-code agency, which I might look into more opportunities down the line.

That was put on hold when my main job went back offline. Which brought welcome changes in scenery and brought in new perspectives. Sometimes it was enough to forget how that income stream is actually taking me away from going towards creating income generating assets online. So a balance has to be struck, in 2021 I’ll be launching and working on side-business(es) for realsises.

The roundabout way that the path took has made me realise how the many attempts though had been just flailing in the dark. My heart wasn’t in it. And that’s not just the usual well-not-so-passionate as is convention take on that. But that I spent all that time on moving things (actions) that I haven’t actually examined what’s inside enough. What was my heart set on? What can I actually offer this vast wonderful world?

Seeing this now of course I wish I started on those important questions sooner. But it took as long as it took. And today is the day that I can work on that. And tomorrow too. Then the day after that. And that.

What questions did you end the year with?