From the Ground Up

From the Ground Up

Builder’s Report #1 - 1st Week May 2020


This week started me off in studying more sales and marketing. Going through more online courses. Several dozen articles and excellent email courses. The familiar flurry of inputs, deceptively ineffective. Towards the end of the week though I came upon a finality. Like there's a path to this after all. Let's explore the specifics in the next section.


  • No-Code MVP Review - With the knowledge from the course, I’ve built and failed to find validation for several MVPs already. This is natural, Bram even mentioned it in the course. MVPs are not meant to succeed on first try. They’re there to teach us about our propositions and the market. They’re not the 1st version of products.

    This course made me realised that as responsible founders there’s much more to starting projects than building out our ideas. Showing nuances in the definition of MVP and the framework of Lean Startups. Confronted with the truth of discounting solution ideas for customer realities, I have set out to learn and study sales and marketing. This is to understand people, and serving them better is the most sustainable business idea of all. I’m delving into community building as well.
  • Les Mills Live - Tired of building another thing with zero users I started with an audience first this time. Very specifically Redditors who are into Les Mills fitness classes; these are well designed group work outs with jamming music. Not caring about ROI of this, I went full maker mode. A couple hours spent manually scraping Facebook Events and put them in Airtable, embedded those in Carrd. This has become my go-to combo by the way. As I’m writing this there’s been over 100 unique visitors to the site. Hopefully some people have found live classes that suit them.
  • It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work - The successor to Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. I’ve read the former ten years ago back when I was a green teenager and it might not have done me much good. There’s no experience for it to stick. This book at this particular time showed me more about the “calm company” ethos and how it is aligned with my current spiritual direction.

    I have no behind the scenes scoop at Basecamp. But just from what I’ve absorbed over the years and just learning of the possibility of a profitable online business helping millions of people everyday at the tools to make a living sensibly is huge. Now the project would begin with “getting real” at building the calm company of one. Sensible entrepreneurship must start with me.
  • How to Breathe - My mission is to create a better one, tailored for builders. This intro to meditation is the first of the “bodymind series” that explores the wellbeing and spiritual side of entrepreneurship. Whichever reason you find yourself starting a meditation routine, there’s only a transformative journey if you follow through.

    I hope this brings you back to yourself during the day, and that you can taste the joys of everyday more. They are the only place that we live. Which parts are still difficult for you? Any questions with the practice? Have something to share about your meditation journey? Happy to answer all I can!

Next week?

I would be trying to write more next week, yes publicly. Just n+1 it to at least 3 posts. Perhaps build a similar site for the much bigger audience in /r/yoga. Meeting interesting people online and learn from them. Currently reading The Mom Test and the book actually deserve all the attention. Really a no-nonsense guide to getting through fluffy data that’s no good for you. Oh yeah, there’d also be newsletter #2!

Best wishes for your week!