Entrepreneurial Runway

This morning I had a quick chat with Stan Wilson Jr on how businesses (skills, projects, etc) that stick around have more time to iterate and develop themselves to success. If BlockBuster had time to pivot seriously like Netflix then perhaps they might be able to thrive in the digital age too. But they ran out of runway before they adapted. Rhapsody was too advanced for their time, they also ran out of runway before taking over the world like Spotify.

A part of the time runway formula is made up of money. After all, unless you're in some bartering community then then your physical necessities have been exchanged by money. And a number of us are starting our businesses to make money sure and that's what happens when value exchange happens but maybe there's another mindset shift to go about this.

What if we have all the time we need to do our businesses. In the taking it slow to go fast sense. And taking it sloooooow is a luxury. Because the payoff for getting it right is just so disproportionately high, this made VCs more conventionally accepted than professional gamblers. For our own projects, we're our own angel, and the for all of us our most precious resource (alongside health) is time.

Could be there's options that we can take that allows us to take it slower. This might be to work less hours in employment. Or spend time and money on things that don't further our cause. I'll have to investigate this further.