Embracing Imperfections

After (the first!) morning pages of the year, the journaling revealed that one of the causes that my audience selection work is slowed due to wanting to select the BEST one. Good luck with that, actually that’s terrible luck. While there’ve been numerous attempts to drill into my head that the enemy of good is perfect, this time it almost slipped by.

A perfect audience I can come up with BEFORE even doing the work with them is a daydream. Whatever I can come up with will need to be iterated on. My task was to come up with audiences so that I can investigate them, this coming up is not the end goal itself. So this morning I will pick one, so I can dig into them in the afternoon.

The choice might not be perfect. But the good part is still important of course. Good means that the audience are consistent with the Themes of my life and that I have something to serve them. Good means heading the right direction. Journey is the destination.

How have my days been lost looking for the elusive (cause its actually not a thing) perfection. The best workflow? This and that tools? The best books to read? Hours upon hours piled up mountainous over the years. I haven’t opened my heart until recently that the imperfection that I’ve been habitually avoiding is the very rich ground of growth and refinement itself.

It’s challenging to stick with shipping something good enough, I’m busy trying to poke holes into the case. Bit by bit I’m moving to live there and settle in.