The First Thing To Sell As-A-Service

A lower risk, smaller projects that provides value.

The First Thing To Sell As-A-Service

You have an idea for an "As-A-Service" business. Before rushing off to build or scope out SOPs there's one important service you can offer right away. It's called many names. Usually it's called Discovery Phase, Project Discovery, Project Evaluation, Roadmapping.

What is Discovery?

It is typically the first project that many agencies (also consultancies and freelancers) go through with their new client. This is a piece of work that structures the client's project. An analysis on the client's requirements. A scoping and researching service that produces a document. Which the client can use with the agency down the line, or not.

Why Discovery

First it is a paid research project. The agency won't waste time researching for a proposal that might not turn into any income. If the insights gathered by undergoing this is valuable, then serious clients wouldn't mind going through it.

For an "As-A-Service" business, this provides foundation for further work with clients. As we can understand them better, and they understand their needs better. This provides stronger foundation to work together down the line.

Think of it as paid onboarding. This is double the validation from the clients. As they value getting onboard your offerings enough to pay for your time spent getting them started.

Discovery Examples

What can you offer?

A lower risk, smaller projects that provides value. This depends on what your As-A-Service provides. Typically Discovery is completed and delivered within 1-2 weeks.

  • SEO-as-a-service can offer paid site analysis
  • Cleaning-as-a-service can offer deep cleaning
  • Software-as-a-service can offer business process analysis
  • UX-design-as-a-service can offer wireframing

How will you do discovery with your clients?