6 Month COVID Reflections

6 Month COVID Reflections

It was around March that Thailand went into lockdown and my life got turned upside down. Since then it’s been 6 months. I feel that it’s time to reflect on what’s up with my life since then.

My business is in the travel industry and like the entire global travel industry it was hit terribly hard by Covid Pandemic. There was literally nothing to do travel-wise for many months since travel restrictions was in place. Part of the company went into food business, of which while loss-making somewhat supported their case until the decline of operations of the past month.

I myself took the initiative to look into online businesses and especially software as one of those industries with strong moats against such economic crisis that will be with us for some time. I studied launching and validating business ideas, doing online research, building things up with no-code and code, creating quantity of content, and many more skills.

While getting into coding around the end of that period was pretty fun, I don’t find that it pulls me very hard back into that world these days. We’ll see where that takes me. For the past few months now domestic travel here in Thailand has reopened and there’s traditional work again. Yes and even in much declined state it’s still pulling much more liveable and concrete income than indie hacking/freelancing.

On a more happy note, due to Covid I’ve discovered diving. After all, people from all over have been coming to Thailand for diving and we’re the top place that has certified divers. I am now certified to dive both freediving and scuba, though it’s freediving that’s my love. This has opened a new world both underwater and above ground for me. The freediving community is still young and growing (fast!) in Thailand and there’s business opportunities here so I will keep an eye for it.

So what? This period is still ongoing, I reckon we’ll always be in the post-Covid world in various forms so I should keep on going. Travel business isn’t booming any time soon. I still have plans for digital assets that generate solid income. For that to happen I must hit that intersection of personal devotion and actual solid demand. Ok, make actual solid demand priority.

Now what? Starting next week I will continue with CS50 Web Programming with Python and JavaScript. I lost momentum and that and will get started back up. Each week I will do online research on potential online businesses. If something seems promising I will find ways to validate the initial assumptions and let the market guide me.