Communities & Hats

If you're in the internet entrepreneurship circle like me then you might be a part of several online communities. I haven't done a poll, but it seems everybody's part of at least 3 communities as I see familiar names across many pockets around the internet. Ranging from web based platform to social media and chat groups.

There's clearly an upper limit somewhere as community fatigue is a very real thing. There's burnout approaching, and you're not contributing to anyone by being spread out super thin. But one community then you're missing out on so many dimensions available out there. As focused communities are focused on different things. Some might be habit building, personal growth, some are more on hard skills like no-code development.

After all we've been putting on different hats all the time. Every day we might move from parent to colleague, some to boss, to client, to customer, to child, to stranger, to friend. Even in the same category, there can be variations. You are a different college friend than a childhood friend and different from a work buddy. Having your friends in each of those describe you would render different pictures.

But that's ok, because people are capable of infinite changes and we're notorious for forgetting that all the time. Sure, you are you. But how you've been defining yourself don't have anything to do with how you're defined now. Or tomorrow. You actually have a choice in that.

So is your story changing? What's your story today?