Career Capital & Me

I’ve been going through So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport and it’s baffling how its not more popular amongst aspiring internet entrepreneurs. Could it be that its stance is against the Passion Economy that many subscribe you? In this book we learn that yes, Control over our lives lead to more fulfilling (NOT more easy!) lives and that’s one of the allure of being self-employed or business owners.

But then there’s another part of the equation that’s not as emphasised, to sustain that we need something of value to offer. Just because we’re passionate about something doesn’t mean that we can make it pay our bills. We need that to the level that people will actually pay for. And that’s not actually about money, money is just what the society agrees to be the medium of exchange for anything of value. Whether that’s for your charm (models and speakers?) or your fantastic writing (authors and bloggers), it needs to be up to a level that provides sustaining value to base a business on.

What though are my career capital? This year I’ve learned many wonderful lessons, some of them more expensive than others. I’m sure that some of those can save some people at least some of the time. Now that’s my opportunity to hone my offerings. Over all to sum up would be “How NOT to start an online business”, and that pile of experience and insight grows.

On the other hand I feel that I’m not digging into overs 10 years of serving top level executives as premium travel organiser enough. I know for a fact that this line of business is quite rare and unique so it brings something to the table. Yes, its a billion dollars industry after all. Really, I’m still not sure yet. It was rare to be in such long presence with executives of multinational companies and billionaires at their more leisurely side. I didn’t have objective information on that either, mostly from my memory of interactions.