Can't Help You

Yes! That's the premise of my consulting work. That's what made when the epiphany of the sky clearing up in an entrepreneur's mind so precious. I can't help you, nobody can but you! But with guidance of prompts and a space to actually dig into each item, I helped someone see clearer the opportunities that were for them out in this ocean of indecisive possibilities.

I was also infinitely grateful that I was with someone who wanted and followed through for change. This too many choices of starting a business in 2021 made her run everywhere. But while she looked at everything, she forgot to sit down with herself and dig into her whys. Get in touch with what's inside so she can bring her unique goodness to the world.

Now she's on the next steps now, who can she serve? Well, I'm not super clear on that yet either, but it won't be before actually working in it. The contemporary way seemed to get people to formulate the most perfect hypothesis and assumptions and use that to choose what to do. As if one would know before doing.

That's like trying to be a race car driver before even holding the wheel. Then we find out that everything is always in motion. Expertise and skills are hardly something that sits in static. But that's what makes each encounter beautiful. It's a chance to try our best again, and again, and again.