Builder’s Report #7 - 3rd Week June 2020


Sorry for the lame issue name. Last week I told you about my focus switch to learning to code. Happy to report that I've stick through the challenging problems on CS50 and has now arrived at Week 4 on the course. Going through a month's worth of materials in a week is taking it's toll. So I'm going to have to moderate how I work with the problem sets.

  • Virtual Mojito - A site that list curated tools for virtual events. This might come in handy for many of us.
  • Make.Change - We are makers. We can make change happen. What can we contribute to a better future today?
  • Work Doesn't Happen at the Computer - This post is a reminder that for most of human history from inventing the wheel to the first aeroplane we didn't need to work at the computer.
  • Startup School's Library - Huge resource library for startup founders. Enough to get lost in and forget about shipping stuff.
  • jasoncwarner / ama - The CTO of GitHub has his AMA on GitHub of course. You can check out the questions in issues.
  • Programiz - My favourite programming resources to learn concepts and examples. The entries and so well written and neat.


  • Starting This Year For Better You - My retrospective points on the things I'm grateful I've started in 2019. And some things that I've started so far in 2020. Wonder how that list would look like in the latter half of the year.
  • My First Week of Learning Code - I have much to learn, especially from my awesome readers! Even after one week I'm already making too many plans on how I'll be learning after CS50. I've not quite passed the half-way point even!

Next week?

I don't know what the workload would look like for the upcoming problem sets. Would I actually get even close to skilled enough that just a couple of hours work? I'm afraid the answer's likely to be no. Which means I'll have less time to write words. Hmm I see if I can learn to sneak in more writing words next week.

May your week be well, Wit

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