About this place

I’ve started this blog to document and share my journey to relearning (actually learning for once?) entrepreneurship, businesses, and more. Documenting, and sharing the experiences received on this path full of unknowns.

I didn’t know anything about it. There hasn't been much to show for despite experiences and book-learning. Accepting this truth, I dove in to study and practice this art and science with the dedication it deserved.

What does it mean to be a lean business? What’s all this validation/invalidation, and how should it affect decisions? Shouldn’t I learn to build all the awesome things I see people shipping all around me? The unexpected amount of peopling involved in actually doing business. Trying to optimise when deep down you know there’s no shortcut. Now that the global economy won’t be the same ever, how can I expect that I wouldn’t have to change? Where though is dependable, the place of refuge?

The heart of it is the people, the potential clients, the peers that prop each other up. There's deep compassion that fuels human connections. Moving forward with zeal to keep stepping into the unknown and unknowable.

Let’s build this entrepreneurial world together