Begin Anew

Begin Anew

Builder’s Report #5 - 1st Week June 2020


My newsletter has moved! I spent 90 min moving manually from Substack to Ghost. Turns out it suits my use well enough. Have no list limit (not that I'm getting anywhere close for other platform). After that rebuilding the start page and create a contact page. Spent 2 hours styling a contact form (CSS is hard!). Finally my newsletters would be on my site. MY OWN SITE. And not hosted on any third party mail platform. Ghost is still hosted though. I was quite eager and paid for annual plan in advance as a way to sink into blogging. That would actually still make financial sense assuming I grow both traffic and newsletter to a point. Plus not having to deal with site maintenance. Supporting (slightly coerced) open source development.

  • CJ Chilvers: Month of Daily Posts 2: Newsletters - Huge amount to read to get started on procrastinating launching a newsletter. The good alternative is setting something up on Substack and start writing. Or for those with Ghost blog like me just turn on the members feature.
  • The Guide to Unbundling Reddit - Late Checkout - A great point on how communities would be better served with their own unique solutions. Communities are unique so why box them in one format. This is in line with the recent sentiments that communities are on the rise. Now which to serve?
  • The Best Post ever Written on Learning to Code - I haven't gone through the entire post yet. I hope to come out the other end a little bit more comfortable with tackling code. After all I'll be coding improvements to this blog soon.
  • Guide: Start a $400+/month business during COVID-19 - One Week Startup - This newsletter is a hidden gem I just found. Many smart projects that can be started right away. Brett Chang even gone through with each of them in detail. Proving that anyone can start an online business today. And with some initiative start earning right away.
  • How I do Twitter for Indie Hackers - This is Rosie's guide to Twittering. @IndieHackers is a prime example for working with branded account. So to learn directly from her is even better! Here's the full Google Slide.


  • How I Try To Read a Business Book - Haven't been very active on the blog this week at all. With new business idea comes more research and diggin in. Hope to be writing more content the coming week. Right, and to read business books like this.
  • Looking For Ads/Sponsors? Post Here! - Here's my attempt at getting crowdsourced newsletters info. Considering how many active newsletters are on Indie Hackers its a bit disappointing. At least I get to see people getting a sponsor from this.
  • So about the new business. Mid-week I got the idea to offer a service that connects advertisers/sponsors with indie newsletters. This should be win-win-win for all sides considering that indie newsletters are very under-monetised. The newsletters are much more highly targeted than other forms of media. So the chance of getting the right leads for the ad buyer should be better. I'm also finding out how difficult it is to source newsletters. Manually trawling the internet and connecting with the owners. Having spent many hours on this I'm actually relieve it is difficult. This means there's a case for paying someone reasonable amount of money to connect you to the newsletters directly and save hours.

Next week?

I've started reading How To Write a Thesis by Umberto Eco today (hence the quote up there). I look forward to learning how to learn better. Entrepreneurs are knowledge workers, so we should get better at it. Despite coming from an analog era, a timeless book's core should still be useful in this day an age. Look forward to sharing the readings.

Another thing in development is the newsletter ad service. Yes, I'm so advanced in MVPing now that I don't even rush off to name and register a domain yet. Currently I have a job for one product. It's not an easy one as I'm discovering. But the learning experience has been wonderful. Are you promoting a product or know something who would love to? Please get back to me via this email or Twitter to work out how to promote them on newsletters.

May your week be well,