What I've Been Up To

Coding, Offline, Diving. Three not entirely separate pursuits. But how to tie in Indie Hacking as well?

What I've Been Up To

And here I am....

It’s been a couple of months since my last online appearance. These are what I’ve been up to since the last update:

Learn Coding

I finished CS50 in less than a month. It was a transformative experience. To actually experience programming as a practice and not some arcane technical skills. Sure has changed my mindset especially after spinning up web apps in Python faster than many of my No-Code attempts. No-Code has some advantages, but also disadvantages. Just need to pick the suitable tools for the job at hand. Need a one-page site up in an hour? Many cheap and free site builders out there. Building a micro-saas? Might actually be more effective to code it, and more expandable. Plus the advantage of knowing how your app functions inside out. Most No-Code tools are opaque black box solutions and require no small amount of workarounds and duct tape.

I’m now on a pause after having continued with CS50 Web Programming with Python and JavaScript. I feel the importance of building up digital assets over a long term, so I should keep going. Oh and I’ve gotten an iPad Pro + Home Server sweet coding setup working too. The server’s fan died and is now in the shop. I can continue working on the latest problem with Github.

Offline Opportunities

Travel business has picked up again, which has brought me back to the offline world. It also took me on many trips around many provinces in Southern Thailand. This has opened up my perspectives of the current situation. Inbound and outbound travels are still dead, nothing I can change about that. Domestic Thai travel is what I can do and even here are opportunities, maybe nothing mega lucrative just yet but just to keep going. Opportunities are forged by taking actions.

Another note on opportunities is that I’ve met someone who was interested in being each other’s business partner. Having a co-founder was something that I was interested in. We had a go at investigating doing nano-fibre face masks for the international market as we have production and shipping capacity, that idea was smothered by the costs taking another nose dive due to mega factories now making those too. Mask prices keep going down and demand not going up much now that medical masks are now required in places and in abundance at cheap prices and fabric now not that important in many markets. Mr. Market decides. She invited me into one of her interests which brings us to the next point.


Having gotten back into the sea had fulfilled some of my deeper (heh) longings for nature travel. Visiting the beautiful and damaged underwater world brought me back to how I felt on African safari trips and being in the middle of Middle Eastern vast desert. There’s a calling to plunge into the deep as a non-stranger.

So now I’m practicing freediving with an instructor, waiting for open water training and exam. But I’ve also signed up for a scuba diving course. Freediving had that quality of being a sport yes, but also a leisure pursuit and spiritual practice as well. Very strong connection with yoga practice and Buddhist practice. I hope to go deep (heh) into freediving. Scuba I look forward to actually experiencing it first hand too.

So what have you been up to?