An Attempt at Something Big

Jumping feet first into PR and comm

An Attempt at Something Big

For about two months an offline opportunity came up to work on PR and communications for a large public organisation. Being connected always bring unexpected opportunities. One thing though, I don’t really know anything about such field. That didn’t deter me from jumping in to take on the project.

To have a whole new field that I’m fully in the student seat is awesome. It’s a whole new world and every move is a learning opportunity. I learned that in a PR project we can set grand strategies for clients and slice them into so many parts. One project is like its own ecosystem with many subcontractors working on every little thing.

It’s been a while since I work on something with this large scope, something that might affect thousands of people and that was really exciting. As much as nice indie solopreneurship sounds it doesn’t get my blood pumping like just a little prospect of working at something macro-scale. So at least that’s something I’ve learned about myself.

In a short time span I learned how expensive professional video production is and the many many moving parts it required, to working with some of the biggest social media influencer channel in the country. Cheap looking doesn’t even equal cheap budget! The little tricks that media producers use to keep costs down. I haven’t even gotten around to working on events management just yet.

The project had many promises with few actual fundamentals backing it though, like an actual keyperson. And something with guidance by a group of uninterested committee isn’t building towards a positive result. Thus my little foray into PR and communication came to an end.

This is a good principle to keep in mind for those who are working B2B and B2G. Be very wary of projects that don’t have a clear keyperson, someone who’s both responsible and have clear decision making power. You might end up working on requests of some advisors/counsels who don’t have actual authority. While those with actual authority might not ever hear of your company.

I’m thankful of the chance to get my feet wet in a new industry and new market. It still brims with potential and I look forward to more opportunities in the space.