90 Min Blocks

In one of my online courses I came across an exercise that’s in 90 min blocks, broken down neatly. It also also be expanded to 2 hour blocks but again, I didn’t have those either.

Turns out that while I feel I’m pushing out a lot of the work, the working schedule and these working blocks can be ironed out a lot. For one thing is that the most impressive thing, time management. How to honour this rare and scare resource in our life as it deserves.

There are movements to save endangered species, marine ecosystem, and climate catastrophe. Yet I don’t recall a similar global scale movement to save time yet. Rescue time! Help! But first I must take care of mine. I’ve had a draft somewhere of a daily schedule, one very well thought out and haven’t been executed exactly.

I’m going to try to actually live that, even in a chunks is more manageable than one full day. I believe a day should be on getting out effective work done. Even if one doesn’t have a job, something tangible like cleaning up and maintenance like cooking and eating is work. There’s people who don’t even eat effectively, where eating is not taken care off so then a wholesome meal turns into something else to compensate like food at desk. A day without a bit of that isn’t living.

Another part of a day I believe in getting at the intangibles. Learning a bit every day. Getting some practice at something important everyday. Like typing this out. Wherever this leads.