7 Sales Lessons From 20 Years of Sales

Simple Sales Advice on HN

7 Sales Lessons From 20 Years of Sales

User goatherders aka Colin Dowling posted 7 timeless simple sales advice on HN. Here’s my interpretation of them. Original Comment

  1. Sales can be as complicated as you make it. You can have a hundred ways to prepare. The advice is to just do it.
  2. Sales is about people and solving problems they want solved. Even needs can be ignored.
  3. Here are things people spend money on; buying time, making money, avoid losing money, desires, peace of mind, approval, assurance.
  4. People buy things that take away their immediate pain predictably. Buying things that prevents pain in the long run is much more sporadic.
  5. People prefer to buy from their friends. So go make a lot of friends. Being friendly is might be one of the most powerful business superpower.
  6. Being valuable and useful is all you ever need to do to sell things. Help people out. In all the ways expect nothing in your heart. Be genuine and consistent. People will go out of their way to get you money.
  7. People don’t care what you measure. The only measurement for them is what they’re paying you for.

These are down-to-earth sales advice. I’m not agreeing 100% to the way he presented it. But I resonated with several points and I look forward to practicing with them more. Particularly #6 for me.

Which point is most important to you? What would you add or take away?

Best wishes for practicing these together.

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