5 Whys of No-Code

Here is me using the 5 Whys Method to dig into the Theme of No-Code. The angle that I have chosen to investigate is that with my experience I can help out some No-Coders who started out on this journey like I did; made $0 with this skill, and people needing Something No-Code built. There might be an overlap between those two groups with a name that I haven't found yet, after all people get into No-Code to build something that have in mind.

1st Why

I don't have a tonne of project ideas bubbling in my head. Not using the No-Code building skills mean that they would get dull.

2nd Why

Working on my skills, especially at challenging level deepens my ability. This also gets me to connect with interesting people. Which in turn brings in even more challenging (fun!) opportunities.

3rd Why

Connecting with people is one of the magic of the internet. It widens and deepens my perspectives in life. This allows me to connect with people on a deeper level (feedback loop on 2nd Why) and brings in even more opportunities (seem they come with work).

4th Why

This upgrades my abilities to help people. Who bring in interesting challenging problems, problems that help more people (feedback-ception).

5th Why

Helping people fulfils me spiritually. I believe that the internet (at least a good chunk of it) is built on compassion. Spreads abundance mindset and good-will.