3 Major Twitter Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Avoid hashtags, add comments, tweet lots!

3 Major Twitter Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Thank you Indie Hackers participating in the profiles thread. Going through 54 Twitter profiles in the past week gave me a good look at the many mistakes people are doing. Some of them are repeated again and again. The following are 3 biggest offenders that let down your profile.

Avoid hastags:
Twitter may have started them but it’s no longer a mainstream part of Twitter culture. Using them make you look super spammy and it doesn’t help with search discovery at all for normal topics. Don’t use them unless it’s a popular and supported campaign like #100daysofcode.

Wow the hashtags are as long as the text!

To prove my point about hashtags being very unpopular just compare these links. Not having hashtag is much more active and popular.

Retweet with Comments:

Retweet with comments let you put out your thoughts on what you find notable in this tweet. It shares your personality and perspectives. A lot of people miss out on this opportunity by using the default retweet. It’s also no more meaningful than a bot. What value would people find in following you instead of just directly following the source? Instead in all cases it’s better to retweet with comments.

Might as well setup a retweet bot

Here are some prompts:

  • What do I like about this post?
  • Here’s what I find helpful
  • This is how I feel about this
  • These are who should benefit from this

Stay active:
Unfortunately, being seen on Twitter is at the mercy of algorithm AND people’s attention. I’m missing many tweets everyday even with low followings and checking a lot. Chances are my followers won’t see my tweets often if at all. So to fight against that you need volume, which Twitter algorithm favours. Don’t neglect quality too! This improves your chance of being seen at all.

Unless you already have thousands of followers on tap. Your smart original tweets won’t be seen, you can check the reach in your analytics. Tweet it and they won’t come. Or at least you cannot count on it. What you need to do is to get on other people’s tweets and reply to them. And you’ll need to do a lot of this everyday if you want a real chance at growing fast. Think of it as outbound marketing for personal brand awareness. It guarantees that you’re being seen by people you’ve selected. Want to be discovered by people interested in marketing? Then do a lot of replies on marketing influencers you like. Chances are they’re followed by people with similar taste in marketing as you.

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