2020 in Review

2020 in Review

This eventful year is coming to a close. A year where lives around the world were involuntarily turned around. This is also a year that prompted me (and provide opportunities) to start so many things. One of the aim dear to my heart is an online business. As someone still tied to a highly traditional (and terribly disrupted) industry, it has shown how short and fickle my runway actually is. And what can I do about that?

Doing seems to be the keyword here. From juicing bitter gourds to no-code contracting I have taken paths unimaginable late December 2019. Personally discovering love of underwater world through diving was amazing beyond words. Deepened my spiritual practice through fallen apart personality.

Yet on building an online business part I’m still not at the foundation building phrase. Even with huge amounts of content consumed or some words I’ve scattered around the web, businessing isn’t that. Buying and selling hasn’t been a thing yet. I’m not actually learning as an internet entrepreneur until I’m running an online business. Like the whole year just built up to preparing the ground. What matters is how I go from here.

Dragged back into the offline business world since September I haven’t been spending much time on online entrepreneurship. And I cannot expect any result without actions. This is showing me a theme that I should investigate for 2021. Actions... habits. Habits are actions. How I spend each moment is exactly my life.

Which direction am I pointing and where to go from here? Stay tuned for 2021.

Thanks so much for joining this journey