1000 True Consumers

So what if we are to try the 1000 true fans model for a physical product. Aren't there companies out there that has 1000 buyers qualified as fans and do quite well on it? Could it be that they've niched down so well that we never have to hear about them, ever.

That is what I'm trying to aim for this marketing strategy project. After all, if we launch as another generic consumer goods then of course we'll be generics and only stay alive through millions of dollars of ad spend and we can be replaced by another product that does the same thing in another packaging colour.

After all, if it's something that people wouldn't miss if its gone then that's all your staying power. That's all you matter if there's some possible logistics problems that delay your shipment that month, and your customer base can go buy another brand and don't feel anything about it.

Start small, dig into the why. Who are we aiming to serve, cut until it hurts. Dove into that until I get to the first people, no more than 10. Then do my best to change their lives. How is this not applicable to all my other projects? I'm not going to make and market a generic product. I will build a market and craft a product specifically for them.

So who is this for? What does it do?